February : Lawn & Landscape 101

It's February, this means it's time for quite 2 different lawn & landscape items.

1. Pruning - Get ready for some extensive pruning, this time of the year is the best time to remove overgrowth, prune fruit bearing tree's ( grapes, pears, peaches and apples ), crape myrtles, palms and many flowering shrubs like the Hibiscus (instructions below).

* How to prune a Hibiscus *

- Wait until late February or early March.

- Trim up to 1/3 of the older stems to the ground level allowing new shoots to develop and growth to renew.

- Remove any dead or unhealthy shoots.

- Give the plant a light portion of fertilizer ( low-nitrogen, blossom-booster )

- Keep soil moist with normal watering

2. Planting Annuals - The best ones to choose from as you move into the warm-season include : Marigolds, Verbena, and Salvia.

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