January : Lawn & Landscape 101

January is all about analyzing solutions to problem area's you've experienced in past seasons and mapping out where you need new turf.

With temperatures dipping into the 30's and below the cool season has pretty much put the lawns on hold. Try not worry yourself if the grass turns brown and resist the urge to over-fertilize the lawn in hopes of bringing it back. The green color should come back once the warmer weather arrives in late february to mid-march, however if you have zoiysiagrass the brown look could stick around into April.

If you're trying to sell a home or just tired of the brown I'd recommend planting a temporary winter rye-grass which will provide you with a bountiful green for a few months (instructions below)

1. Prep area you want to green up with the ryegrass by removing any weeds and brown grass.

2. Sow up to 10 pounds of ryegrass for every 1,000 square feet (rake the seeds into the groun or water it in).

3. Keep the soil moist and watch as the grass pops up in 4-6 days.

4. Feed this grass monthly with lawn fertilizer and mow as needed ( Ryegrass grows quick )

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